"Portfolio of a Genius - A Collage in the Key of Life"
(or, a "Portfolio of an Undiscovered Howard Hughes")


This project is a completely independent and personal undertaking.
It is my hope that you will find this presentation both interesting and thought provoking.
The author has endeavored throughout to exercise the highest level of integrity
so as to (hopefully) result in a product of real significance and value.
Of course, the real test of any such work must be the test of time itself.



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We also hope you will find the following video presentation interesting and educational. It is offered here in my attempt to try to demonstrate (1) the legitimacy, (2) the reasonableness and (3) the (possible) necessity for this particular, most unusual, “abstract, artistic/intellectual” undertaking (“A Collage in the Key of Life”) NOW, in the stream of time.

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APPEAL FOR ASSISTANCE  -  April 20, 2003


In either 1969 or 1970, on a forgotten evening during "prime time" viewing hours,  one of the major television networks (NBC, CBS or ABC) aired a special documentary type of television program that dealt with a highly unique method through which human "genius" could theoretically be demonstrated and recognized.  The author of this website would very much like to communicate with anyone who may have also viewed this same television program.

The video presentation alluded to here discussed and outlined what I have referred to as the concept of a "Portfolio of a Genius" or a "Portfolio of an Undiscovered Howard Hughes".  United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules require that television networks keep records of their programming.  However, a very long time has elapsed since that original broadcast aired.  I have been told by representatives of these television networks that they did not then keep the same quality of computerized records and archives as they do today.  As a result, thus far no research, database search or inquiry has yielded any really useful clues in my quest for information concerning that very elusive video.  Even Mensa (the international organization for people with high IQ's) appears to be stumped.

Like calculus, automotive repairs, cooking, or any other matter, a lack of familiarity with that particular subject can reasonably serve to make related objective evaluations difficult, if not impossible.  I am looking for mature "baby boomers" who, were (coincidentally) tuned to the same television program that I watched approximately 36 years ago.  If you were at least 18 years of age in 1969, that would make you at least 54 years old today.  Of course it is possible that this video presentation was re-broadcast at some later date (perhaps on a "public" or "educational television channel").  Or, it is possible that a younger individual may have become familiar with this concept through some other means.

This is a "faith-based initiative" as well as a "reality based production".  This, undertaking might in fact be, "THE MOTHER OF ALL FAITH-BASED INITIATIVES".  Despite its potentially controversial nature, I (the author) sincerely believe this matter to be (possibly) quite timely and highly significant.  If you are an individual who also viewed that same television presentation back in 1969-1970, or if you have specific information that you feel might be useful to me in my search, I would very much like to hear from you.  Please be assured that every effort will be made to ensure that your assistance will prove to be well worth your while.  Thank you very much!

James E. Shepherd Jr.



Recognizing a potential future need for such, some researchers ("Cold War" era) conceptualized what may be called a "Portfolio of a Genius Happening Scenario".  It was deemed that said "Portfolio" scenario, if possible at all, could only be successfully documented as initiating from one of a handful of specific geographic locations on the Earth.  Additionally, for any "Portfolio of a Genius Scenario" documentation effort to ever be considered "creditable", a vast array of other circumstances and "coincidences" would also have to be present.  A creditable and, therefore, potentially successful "Portfolio documentation effort” would literally have to "fit comfortably within the stream of time” and be recognizable as such by individuals familiar with the concept.  The actual discovery of the occurrence of what may truly be recognized as a creditable "Portfolio of a Genius Happening Scenario" in the stream of time would be highly significant and would be of great public interest.  However, due to the astronomical odds against any individual successfully being able to produce a recognizable and verifiable documentation of a real "Portfolio Happening Event", this effort was generally considered "IMPOSSIBLE" and primarily only of academic interest.  And, with the passage of time, even the knowledge of this concept became obscure.

My story idea is to present to the public a review of the original concept developed by these early researchers, along with their reasoning for such an effort.  The objective of a proposed television program concerning this matter would be to compare the results of my work on my "Portfolio of a Genius" production with the vast array of prerequisite conditions, circumstances and events originally spelled out by researchers for a creditable "Portfolio" effort (verifiably occurring in the stream of time).  If my work does not stand up to the many requirements for an effort worthy of consideration then it is of little value to Society.  However, if my work falls well within the parameters set forth for a creditable effort, then this is HIGHLY significant.

The primary problem is that the original television documentary dealing with this subject would have to be located and reviewed.  I personally became familiar with this concept sometime between the years of 1969 and 1971, after viewing a television program on one of the major networks (ABC, CBS, or NBC). To the extent possible, the original sources for the original "Portfolio" concept would have to be verified and consulted.  Persons already familiar with this concept would need to be allowed to compare my effort with the existing body of evidence and thinking as to how a truly "discoverable" effort should go.

Thank you very much for your consideration

James E. Shepherd Jr.

Sanford, Florida 32771

March 7, 1996


We are pleased to announce that, despite all obstacles, it appears that everything is pretty much on schedule.  Thank you very much for your assistance, consideration and indulgence.

                                                           - James
                                                                             (Feb. 12, 2002)



Subject: A Final Touch
   Date: Fri, 03 May 2002 11:49:38 -0500
   From: James Shepherd <jeshepherd@earthlink.net
     To: Friends_of_James_Shepherd@cyber.net

Dear Friends,

     Again I send my sincere best wishes to all of you.  Please excuse this final unexpected e-mail message by me, concerning this particular matter.  I just wanted to make you aware of a very significant change I have recently made in my abstract, artistic/intellectual project that I call "Portfolio of a Genius - A Collage in the Key of Life".  In "PART I", I have updated and revised the fifth (5th) page from the last page of this series of documents.  I call this my "Pivotal Page".  This page was previously identical to page 35 of my "TIMELINE" and is intended to be viewed in "landscape" orientation.  The file that I have attached to this e-mail message is a copy of my new page.  It is a very important part of my overall presentation.  I think you might find it interesting. Again, please do not be afraid to open my attached computer files.  Please be assured that my personal goals greatly exceed that of  messing up somebody's computer system (intentionally or otherwise).
     I also need to announce that I have decided to de-emphasize this "Portfolio Project" in my life, effective immediately.  Now that I have completed work on this project to my satisfaction, I have resolved to "back off" of this undertaking.  I now need to devote more quality attention to my family, and other important matters.
    Again, I thank you for all of your consideration and assistance.  Wishing all of you continued success and happiness.  Take care and keep the faith.

James E. Shepherd Jr.





October 14, 2002
(significantly revised - April 2003)

Dear Friends,

Again, I express to all of you my very best wishes. For a very long time I have been very zealously working on the development of this project that I call a "Portfolio of a Genius – A Collage in the Key of Life" or a "Portfolio of an Undiscovered Howard Hughes". Over all of this time, I have been very passionate in my pursuit of this undertaking. At times it has been an almost obsessive pursuit. Many individuals around me have concluded that it was just that (obsessive) and that I would/could never cease working on this project. Whereas, I have always maintained that, as far as I was concerned, this project indeed has a conclusion. I simply had not reached that point yet. What I really feel at this moment though is that about now might be an appropriate time for me to really de-emphasize this project in my life. Or, at least, I think I can, I think I can.

My objective has always been to (1) complete the documentation of this project to the fullest extent possible or practical and, (2) make copies of my work available to whoever might wish to consider my work, now or in the future. I have, I believe, just about completed my "paperwork" to the extent possible (or practical) at this time. Additionally, I have sought to position completed copies of my work so as to be available for scrutiny by any who might be seriously interested in my work. A copy of my project will be available, without cost or obligation, to any that may request such of me. But, my time for actively working on this project is now pretty much over. I really need to concentrate on some other very important aspects of my life.

With that said, however, I feel a need to make some important expressions concerning my work. My project is, indeed, a relatively controversial undertaking. It is also fairly complicated and multi-faceted. It is an undertaking that no one expected and, without some effort and perhaps the right assistance, few can really appreciate. But, it has always been an honest and, I believe, noble undertaking. It may disturb some to hear this (you know who you are) but, of course, if I had it to do all over again, I would most certainly, at least, try.

This "Portfolio Project" of mine is indeed, in its purest sense, a "faith based initiative". Only at its very beginning was there any profit motive involved in connection with this undertaking. This was well before I began to sense a potential "higher purpose" for my activity. I have never made a penny from this project and for the past +40 years it has not been either my intent or desire to profit directly from this abstract, artistic/intellectual production of mine. The purpose of this work is to try to help both my fellow man and myself the very best way that I think I know how. My "Portfolio of a Genius" production is an attempt at trying to help all of us to get a better "fix" on exactly where we are in the stream of time. There appears to be indicators to suggest that it may now be critically important that we do so. Toward this end, however, I have employed both a method as well as a rationale that is almost radically "non- mainstream". Considering what most of us are accustomed to (indeed, the way in which we have become conditioned to think), the position taken by my work is so radical that I could not possibly hope to have any success based simply on intellectual appeal. Indeed, for my work to have any hope for success there would have to be a "significant sense of the correctness of my work", despite all preconceived beliefs to the contrary. In the face of existing obstacles, the only reasonable validation for my work would have to be that it would, indeed, have to exhibit the characteristic of truly being "In the Key of Life". It would, indeed, have to be a "masterpiece" of its type. It would have to exhibit the characteristic of actually occurring "in the stream of time" (being REAL and documentable as such).  My position, especially as radically different as it may be from "mainstream thought", could not possibly succeed based upon intellectual reasoning alone (although this being quite considerable). Human nature being what it is, a position as different as the one that I propose would literally have to rouse the "senses" of individuals. People would actually have to "sense" that my position might in fact have merit. Then (but perhaps, only then) might their many intellectual (and spiritual) prejudices successfully be appealed to through reason. The only acceptable validation for my work would have to be the outworking of time itself. If it sounds to you like we are taking about a "miracle" here, you are right on track.

Who am I to seemingly be promising a "miracle"? Actually I like to refer to myself as no one of note” because I am just that. Also, I cannot actually promise anyone anything. With regard to this "Portfolio of a Genius" project I consider myself to be somewhat of a scientific researcher. I believe that I have made some valid observations concerning our human condition and our common destiny. This is a legitimate project based upon the prior work of some very serious researchers.  You might simply consider this to be an extra-curricular activity on my part. It is certainly though one that is "as serious as several heart attacks".   I honestly feel that my work could prove to be critically important to a lot of people. Hence, my desire to share my work and offer it for scrutiny.

What is my own particular faith out of which I am now acting? And, what "Universal Distress" do I feel might be impending for all of mankind? It would not be fair except to state that I, personally, adhere to the Christian faith. However, this "Portfolio of a Genius Project" of mine is a purely personal and independent undertaking. Absolutely no malice is in any way intended toward any other individuals or groups. My personal desire is simply for honest an objective re-evaluations of some critically important issues.

In the event where a bona fide "Portfolio of a Genius" type of scenario can be successfully documented as occurring in the stream of time, its primary usefulness is to call attention to and help solve some extremely difficult problem that mankind is at that time facing. In a writing that I have designated as the "Wright_Letter", I refer to this alleged phenomenon as a potential "Universal Distress Signal for Mankind". I do not propose to have all of the answers or explanations for such a phenomenon. I cannot explain all of the "how’s" and "what’s". The best that I can possible hope for at this time is to simply try to help others appreciate that, regardless of the improbability of such an occurrence, something very much out of the ordinary is, in fact, now happening in the stream of time and that this is, without question, leading to something BIG”.

There is a PART of my "Portfolio of a Genius" project that I have designated TIMELINE”. This TIMELINE” is a very important part of my overall production.  It is used to graphically show the basis for how and why I feel my work comfortably "fits" into the stream of time.  However, you will not find this PART in any recent copies of my production. To compile this TIMELINE”, I made liberal use of much artwork and material that was produced and copyrighted by some other organizations.  For their own (completely understandable) reasons, they have subsequently denied me permission to utilize this material in my purely personal (and speculative) venture.  I am currently attempting to reconstruct this TIMELINE”, using readily usable artwork. However, this may take some time.

As has already been stated, this is a "faith based initiative".  I have even at times referred to it as the "Mother of all Faith Based Initiatives". The development of this particular artistic/intellectual production depends very much on concepts expressed in the Holy Bible.  However, this work goes well beyond the scope of simply yet another religious treaties.  The concept of a "Portfolio of a Genius" is of purely secular origin.  The "Portfolio of a Genius" concept originated with respected secular scholars who themselves exercised absolutely no religious bias in the formulation of their work. The quest is/was for usable knowledge. The desire is/was for valid understandings, such that citizens (and organizations) of the world (national and international) could actually "sink their teeth into". A truly recognizable "Portfolio of a Genius Project" should truly be significant, as well as (potentially) lifesaving (“actionable”).

The Holy Bible is, indeed, a most interesting book. The Bible refers to itself as the "Word of God". It has been considered the greatest book ever written by some individuals. On the other hand, it has been reviled and even hated by others. Mohandas K. Gandhi is quoted as having said that if all who profess to believe in the Bible really lived by its teachings, this world would not be the problem filled planet that it is today. The unfortunate fact, however, is that relatively too few individuals today really appreciate the Bible and try to accurately live by its teachings. Hence, whether we believe it (or like it) or not, the whole of mankind now faces a time of "Universal Distress".

Are you familiar with the Bible story of the Garden of Eden? Completely in opposition to any of the "theories of evolution", the Bible says that, after an unknown period of prior creative activity (perhaps lasting millions or billions of years), God created a human pair, man and woman. These beings were completely human in every respect. The Bible tells us that God made them in his "own image". Of course God is an almighty spirit being who is invisible to human vision. So by the term "in our own image", it was meant that humans (like the other spirit beings in the invisible heavens to which God was speaking) were created to be intelligent, rational beings. This was in stark contrast to the many "kinds" of plants and animals that had previously been created. These first humans were capable of speech, creativity, joy, love, and all of the other faculties that we associate with true human beings. God even assigned to them the work of giving names to all of the plants and animals.  God settled the first two humans in a very special and beautiful part of the Earth. Adam and Eve had the prospect of living forever and never experiencing sickness or any of the afflictions that we today associate with degeneration and old age. They were instructed to have children and thus begin the process of filling the Earth with other physically and mentally perfect beings like themselves.  When Jehovah God surveyed all of his creative works he was quite satisfied and pronounced it all, "Good".

Being created "in the image of God", humans also have the capacity to act as "free moral agents". Jehovah God intended that all intelligent beings (human and spirit) should voluntarily recognize His authority as their Creator. Adam and Eve were to voluntarily live according to God's perfect laws and standards.  Thus they would continue to be peaceful, happy and productive. These humans were not to respect and obey their Creator because of some robot-like mental programming. Rather, God wants all of his intelligent offspring to worship and obey him because they themselves sincerely love and trust him. His acts of love and compassion are so great, how or why should anyone ever want to do otherwise? The sad truth, though, is that, following the lead of another ingrate son of God (this one a spirit being), Adam and Eve willfully acted upon their desire to try to exercise independence from God. They broke God's Law concerning the eating of the fruit of a certain tree. Although Jehovah is a merciful and loving God, justice required that the pair lose their home in the Garden of Eden. They also lost their mental and physical perfection. Today, health problems, sickness, old age and death are considered to be facts of life. But, these things were not originally intended by God to be so. Through their spirit of independence and their subsequent breaking of God's command, Adam and Eve forfeited their approved relationship with their Heavenly Father.  This act sentenced them and also all of their future offspring to imperfection and a dying condition. Furthermore, the rejection of God's standards by mankind in general, over a period of thousands of years, has resulted in the physical, social and moral strife that we presently have to try to cope with.

Many of us learn this simple little Bible story as young children. Unfortunately, we often then relegate this material to that section of our brain where we store other childhood memories, fairy tales and/or trivia. Today, many individuals reject the Bible account of creation and the Garden of Eden as a mere fable. Still others feel that such teachings may even possibly be harmful, as they may seem to conflict with "scientific" knowledge. So then what are we to believe? What, indeed, is reality?

Sometimes it is possible to get so bogged down in trying to deal with problems at hand that we lose perspective on the overall situation. It is sometimes possible to become so absorbed at trying to deal with the symptoms of a disease or disorder that the real cause of the malady goes untreated. A related concept is that of myopia or nearsightedness (defined as, an inability to see distant objects distinctly…). For our purposes we are here talking about the ability of individuals or groups to become so involved in dealing with immediate or day to day life situations that they may not only fail to make any dent at all in the larger problem (disease), they may even fail to effectively deal with the symptoms. They often lose sight of the "Big Picture". They lose historical perspective. Some may cease to be concerned with "larger issues" at all due to more immediate pressures and/or time restraints. Some may even become as if animals, controlled only by "instinctive drives" to fulfill basic needs for self and family, and/or to simply "make it through the night".

The Holy Bible is much more than simply a "Good Book". In addition to setting out rules and principles that humans should follow in order to have successful lives, the Bible also reveals much about the very personality of our Creator. But think about this, if humans are actually created in the spiritual (not physical) image of God, then we can reasonably conclude that we humans have many traits in common with God. Of course where such is true, God always displays these traits perfectly and righteously. But let’s go back and try to reason a bit more on the subject of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. We have learned that in most cases, to be most effective, we should set goals for ourselves. These can be short or long range goals. And, there can/should also be flexibility within this range of planning. We get more of a sense of accomplishment and joy when we see our goals achieved. We usually tend to not favor the individual who comes off as being significantly dis-organized with no apparent goals. From the Bible narrative of the processes utilized (or set into motion) during the creative periods or "days", preceding and leading up to the creation of the first humans, we can clearly see that Jehovah God is, indeed, a God of wisdom and good order. When God indicated his pleasure at all of his creative works we can, to some extent, appreciate the satisfaction that He must have felt. All of the multitudes of other spirit beings in the invisible Heavens (that He had also created, and who were watching all of this activity) had been eyewitness to the magnificence, elegance, and wisdom of His design and application. The spirit person who was the very first living being that Jehovah God created (and who later became known to us humans as Jesus Christ when he lived on Earth as a human being for a number of years in order to fulfill a very important assignment for his Father in behalf of mankind) was used as a "Master Worker" during this creative period. The entire Universe must have reverberated with joy when all agreed that Jehovah's creative works were all "Good"?

But now, suppose you owned a certain property? Let's stipulate that this property consisted of a tract of land with a fine, comfortable house and other structures on it. Additionally, you went to great lengths to ensure that this property was absolutely "first class" and was always properly maintained. However, because your primary residence is elsewhere (perhaps in another state), you decide to rent this property to another family. After a while, though, you learn that the tenants are not properly maintaining your property according to your instructions. Absolutely nothing is being done as per your wishes. You are not even being paid your rent properly. Because you really like the people and because there are children involved you try to reason with the adults of this household. All you want is for them to live like respectable, civilized people and take care of your property. However, all of your objections and warnings go unheeded. You get abusive language when you have to frequently telephone them to remind them of grossly delinquent rent payments. The problem persists for a very long time. Even their children show you disrespect when you pay a personal visit to try to collect some of your long overdue rent money. A local individual who you authorized to try to collect the rent for you reported that they barely made it off of the property with their hide intact. Would you not feel a sense of betrayal and indignation? Would you allow these individuals to continue to live on your property indefinitely (perhaps until it was no longer fit for safe habitation)? I personally know of a case where renters of a property literally ran that property down to the point of it being condemned by City Ordinance. Then they wanted to suggest that the victimized landlord was in reality a "slum lord". If you are sane and rational, I believe the time would come when you would decide that enough is enough. You would then proceed with all deliberate speed to effect the lawful eviction of this family from your property. You might then likely try to restore your property to its original condition. But if you rented this property out again, you would likely try to be ultra-careful to ensure that these new tenants would respect your wishes.

The point here is that any rational being would, without doubt, eventually evict the bad tenants who are abusing their property and showing such gross disrespect. On account of them not living up to agreed upon financial arrangements, there would be a legal remedy available, even though such process can at times be slow. Now if a sane and rational human being could reach this conclusion, why would a truly compassionate and loving Creator not also feel hurt and betrayed by individuals who have come to show Him such disrespect? Would not self-respect as well as concern for this and other holdings move any rational being to act to put a stop to such a problem, before things got completely out of hand?

The position of God’s Word is clear. Jehovah will not forever tolerate a complete disrespect for him and his lofty principles. Disease, poverty, crime and hatred were never part of Jehovah's plan for the human family. As the Creator of mankind and the Earth, He alone legally and properly has both the right and obligation to prescribe the proper behavior for those who enjoy the life and provisions that He makes possible. Out of love, and because there are supremely important ISSUES which have to be resolved ONCE FOR ALL TIMES, He has allowed this situation to continue until now. But it is unreasonable to believe that He will never act decisively to remedy matters. Fortunately, Jehovah God also has the ability to actually undo the damage and many injustices that have occurred over the centuries as mankind has attempted this most disastrous experiment at self-rule. And, He promises to do this.

The theme of the Holy Bible is "Gods Kingdom". From a point in time immediately after Adam and Eve broke Gods law and were sentenced to die, Jehovah God put into operation an arrangement through which His original purpose for humankind and the Earth would eventually be accomplished. The entire Earth will inevitably be cultivated to a park or garden like condition by happy and healthy human beings. Like Adam and Eve, they will all be mentally and physically perfect and have the prospect of never having to die, for as long as Jehovah God lives. That is His promise. However, these ones will all serve The True God out of a sincere love and appreciation for a wonderful Creator, and not due to any form of coercion or mental programming. What a grand time that will be. We can speak of this event as a certainty. We simply do not know exactly when. Bible prophecy does clearly indicate, however, that the time for this global house cleaning is definitely near enough such that no one on Earth should fail to take heed of the efforts of Jehovah God today in encouraging everyone to "take note" of the "season" in which we are now living. Bible scholarship has clearly determined that that period of time called the "times of the gentiles" ended in 1914 and that God has actually already installed a very real arrangement (Government) for the unrivaled rulership over the entire Earth. Under this divinely appointed arrangement, mankind and this entire Earth will be restored to the clean state that Jehovah God originally intended. Although the headquarters of God's Government (Kingdom) resides in the invisible heavens it is, indeed, a very real government. As prophesied in the Bible at Daniel 2:44 (and elsewhere) this heavenly government will inevitably "break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever". God's Kingdom bears absolutely no resemblance to any imperfect, man-made, social or political entity that cannot really GUARANTEE life; liberty; freedom from hunger and crime; excellent health; etc..

This is a very serious matter. Certainly no one likes to think of himself or herself as someone who God might possibly execute as a disapproved person. However, God created us to be intelligent and reasoning beings (in His image). He then properly expects us to use our bodies and minds for an approved purpose. For an individual to live and never recognize their Creator is, indeed, a shame.  For an individual to never take the time to learn (and heed) what the Bible actually teaches about God and His son, Jesus Christ, can truly have the effect of a continued death sentence (John 17:3).

In two correspondences to former U. S. President George W. Bush, >E-Mails to President George W. Bush_11_3_2001 and 10_7_2004< (dated Nov. 3, 2001 and Oct. 7, 2004) I made reference to two main points (1) the prevailing failure of the vast majority of people to use the self-given name (Jehovah) for our Creator, and (2) the complete disregard for the Bible’s position on the use or misuse of blood. The Holy Bible indicates that both of these matters are of serious concern to God Almighty. Unfortunately though altogether too many human beings today consider this to be of no consequence to them whatsoever. In the Bible at Acts 5:39 a distinguished teacher of the law named Gamaliel warned members of the Jewish High Court to be careful that they not end up in the position of actually fighting against God. Can you imagine? Even unwittingly, fighting against God? Certainly that would be a "no win scenario". But, without being careful, an individual can potentially get themselves into just such an unenviable position. The last lines of the famous "Gettysberg Address" reads: "that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain; that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom; and that this government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth". Can you see a conflict here between this popular statement by former U. S. President Abraham Lincoln and the previously cited words of Daniel 2:44?  According to Daniel 2:44, "government by people" will, indeed, someday perish completely from the face of this Earth, for all times.

True servants of God are required to obey the laws and respect the customs of any and every nation in which they may reside or visit. This was the pattern left for his disciples by Jesus Christ. It is a historical fact, though, that early Christians shunned any form of governmental service in the Roman Empire or any other territory in which they lived. There exists no scriptural basis for any change in that behavior for so-called "modern Christians" today. Rather, there is plenty of scriptural evidence to indicate that such a change would, in fact, be totally wrong. It is true that most "Christian churches" today do not teach the concept of "political neutrality" for Christians. However, their modified position has absolutely no basis either in scripture or early Christian history. Such matters can at times be very confusing. Unfortunately, the real problem lies with a deviation from truly scriptural teachings by many "Christian" organizations (for whatever the reason). At times this problem has become so bad that some who choose to try to obey what the Bible really teaches have been ostracized, or even worse. As you can see, this matter of having the approval of God is not so simple as it may seem, especially in view of the prevalence of so many erroneous (but deeply entrenched) teachings.

We may have some idea of what is occurring on this Earth at this particular time in human history. But, what does the future hold? Some individuals may (understandably) disagree entirely with the discussion that I am presenting here. Today, many people simply do not really believe in an Almighty God and Creator, to which all mankind is accountable.  Others doubt the validity or relevance of the Holy Bible itself in our day. Still others may have vastly different expectations of future events based on other religions or philosophies. Intellectually, we often appear to reach a sort of stalemate. It amounts to a sort of, "You believe what you want to believe, and I’ll believe what I want to believe!" type of standoff. This is perfectly allowable, of course. Contrary to popular belief, the individuals who have been behind the crusades, inquisitions, holy wars and other barbaric attempts at trying to force others to accept some form of nominal "Christianity" were not themselves true Christians. In the Bible at John 13:35 and 1 John 4:21 (and elsewhere) we get a clear understanding that the true discipleship of any individual who hates, and can even kill his "brother", may quite properly be questioned. So true Christians are not at fault for any of the barbaric conduct and animosities that have occurred in the past, or that may exist on this Earth today. Their leader, the resurrected Jesus Christ commanded true Christians, to make every effort to accurately spread his teachings and promote the proper worship of his father Jehovah God. Christians  were, in fact, commanded to zealously seek to make other converts. However, violence and carnal weapons and methods were never authorized for use in such disciple making work.

There are indeed, good, fine and sincere people in all religions of the Earth. But the teaching that all religions lead to (and are acceptable to) God is not really accurate. Certainly not as far as the God of the Holy Bible (Jehovah) is concerned. Jehovah God simply does not accept worship or hear prayers that are out of harmony with His stated will, as permanently set forth in the Holy Bible. Over a period of time, since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, a vast organization of "counterfeit Christianity" has actually developed and flourished. This organization has, in fact, distorted the teachings of the Bible such that many very sincere and honest hearted individuals are so confused that they have either rejected religion altogether, or they virtually waste their time and resources in worship through practices that the God of the Bible actually detests.

In all of His works and His dealings with mankind, Jehovah God has shown great love, patience, mercy, justice, and even humility. So, after He has thoroughly completed his legal case concerning His very bad tenants, the eviction will promptly proceed. Of course, various individuals and organizations actively disagree about what the Bible really teaches concerning some very critical issues. And, again, we seemingly reach what amounts to a "stalemate" in this contest for the minds of men. However, the truth has on its side the active force of God (Holy Spirit). Thus, inevitably, the truth will prevail.

This so-called "Portfolio of a Genius – A Collage in the Key of Life" project of mine amounts to a sort of GRAND EXPERIMENT”. The effort is to try to see if we may be able to learn anything definitive concerning some of the ongoing major controversies that affect us all, through the use of an artistic/intellectual undertaking of this type. I must again reiterate though that this is a purely personal undertaking. Also, to my way of thinking this project of mine does not necessarily have to turn out successful. Even if my work may indeed have merit, it cannot compare with the Holy Bible. Clearly if the powerful and completely accurate teachings of the Holy Bible can be effectively ignored by much of mankind today, this work of mine (which is admittedly based upon a man-made concept) could very easily be completely ignored (regardless of any potential value). When I began this undertaking over 26 years ago I was well aware that the odds against my success were astronomical. Quite remarkably though, over this period, I have actually seen my chances for success improve, astronomically.

As I sit here writing this at my home in Florida, I have thoughts of some very brilliant and dedicated individuals who are employed not too very far away. They, like others in Houston, Texas and elsewhere, are quite occupied in connection with a space shuttle and space station currently in orbit around this planet. Modern technology is, indeed, remarkable. And, the many accomplishments of men and women are considerable and often delightful. It seems to me, though, to be a shame and a sort of paradox that today so many bright and talented people are, in realty, intellectually stunted. That is, they are severely limited in what they may ever actually be able to see or accomplish. This is true simply because they may not be around when the really interesting scientific developments are made and/or applied. For example, under the rulership of God’s Heavenly Kingdom (with the glorified Jesus Christ as King), the restoration of mental perfection will mean that every man woman and child then living on the Earth will be able to use all of their brains to their full capacity. This not only means never forgetting anything, but also being able to continue to learn, adapt and apply this information for eternity. Wow! Talk about science (speculative) fiction! Except, this IS NOT fiction. This prospect is for real. These changes are a promise from Jehovah God, Himself. This has been His intended plan from the very beginning of human history. In time, humans (with divine assistance) will solve all of Earth's problems (including pollution). They will then transform this entire Earth into a literal paradise. There will be no food shortages; no housing shortages; no crime or war; or any of the problems that now perplex mankind. It can even be reasonably speculated that at some point in time, after all of humankind and the Earth are in complete harmony with His purpose, God might allow human beings to explore (or even colonize) in other solar systems and galaxies. Today scientists, engineers and technicians wrestle with the many problems connected with such deep space travel. However, members of the then perfected human race, in complete harmony with the Creator of the Universe, may one day actually make such voyages commonplace. The God of Heaven, however, will NEVER allow independent minded, rebellious men to acquire such technology.

Of course, the only true "Genius" is Jehovah God. He alone is capable of truly original thought. Every human "gift" or "talent" is possible only as God allows or grants it. This "Portfolio of a Genius" project of mine (if accurate and creditable) does not actually belong to any human, but rather to God.  It is an honest attempt at trying to help shed some light on some very critical issues.

There comes to mind a certain individual (now deceased) who would never during his life have referred to himself as a "genius" (or even allowed such). Many years ago this individual made a statement to the effect that: "The principle issue of the twentieth century will be that of religion". Regardless of the outcome of my work, I truly believe that we will ultimately find this to be the case. May we never become so busy, or stressed, or cynical that we completely lose our capacity for clear and objective thinking. And may we never be squeezed into any mold of conformity such that we completely lose sight of "The Big Picture".

Again, I thank you for all of your consideration.

James E. Shepherd Jr.



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